Tuesday, 13 April 2010

James Haskell Stars in "Sushi Pour Un"

Yesterday was an epic day in the Twittering world of everyone's favourite love-to-hate-him rugby star, James "Jimmy" Haskell.

First up, Jimbo treated us all to an illuminating insight into his high octane training regime, before revealing a much more sensitive side.  Bless:

@jameshaskell: Just finished some street Olympics. I ran about 4 miles and stopped after every 2 songs to do an exercises. ie if you came to scaffolding u would do chins and dips. Or some body weight squats, lunges, press up and burpees. i am shattered now off to grab some sushi. I really need a girlfriend this is getting beyond sad. Table for one in the corner please, next to the fat special guy eating wallpaper paste.

I'm sure Jimmy was hoping for a chorus of tweets from his adoring fans to offer themselves up to be his girlfriend.  Of course, I can't verify if people did, but I'm sure there must have been some people willing to help him in his plight.

But his tweet did prompt an excellent suggestion from one of his followers:

@SnowyMoore: You need to hold an audition, like for X Factor. Line up the hopefuls and then have a panel to choose. That or Blind Date!

Wow.  Imagine that for a show.  We could call it "The Hask Factor: One Ego's Search for Love".

Naturally, the self-publicising maestro was all over the idea:

@jameshaskell: Ha ha amazing idea. i can see the headline now, arrogant prick Haskell holds xfactor gf selection in paris house. 1 girl shows

Oh the insight.

But on realising that maybe he'd let his guard slip, Jimmy did an expert spot of backtracking:

@jameshaskell: i do love it when people take my tweets and spend hours commenting and mocking me. while your doing that i'm actually living a life.

No.  You're on Twitter, tweeting and not having a life.  I go on Twitter when I am at work.  Bored.  What's your excuse?

But just in case you think in any way that the Hask really is searching for someone the share his sushi with, he then goes on to clarify things:

@jameshaskell: So lets be clear, and that goes for all the journalists hiding among my followers. Its All Banter, maybe not funny but its still Banter.

OK.  So it's banter.  Does this mean he's not single, and rushing round Paris randomly doing pull ups like the ridiculous cartoon character Johnny Bravo, before grabbing a table pour un?

No comment.


  1. I got a tweet from James Haskell today. He read this post, and to be honest, he took it in good spirit:

    @jameshaskell Saw your blog made me laugh. Worst photo ever, find it a bit surprising why you're being harsh though.

    To give him his dues, he does take all the ribbing and abuse and doesn't get precious about it. You can't say that for a lot of sportsmen.

    I've probably been a bit too mean to him on occasion, so I'm sorry Jimmy. I mean James.

    Oh, and any man who has abs you can grate cheese on deserves plenty of respect. And you've got to admit that his are pretty rockin.

  2. Looks like a nice shy guy. Girls why hold back.....sound of hooves in stampede...http://williamblessing.blogspot.co.uk/