Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Arse of the Year?

You'll never guess what.  James "Publicity Machine" Haskell is up for an award.

The England and Stade Francais back-row forward has been nominated for "Rear of the Year".

And the pumped-up Johnny Bravo lookalike is taking it very seriously.  In fact, has even found time in his hectic England training schedule to launch a voting appeal on Twitter.

But seriously James, why on earth do you want to bag such a low-brow prize?  Are you really that competitive?

Last year, the award was scooped by operatic warbler Russell Watson - the man second on my "Annoying Celebrities who I would like to punch in the face" list, behind the constantly irritating John Barrowman.

(L) If only Barrowman hadn't "Made it through the rain"
(R) Haskell looking buff in the buff for Dieux du Stade

And what if you don't win James?  Russell's hardly got buns of steel and yet his saggy arse was voted numero uno in 2009. 

Now that would be embarassing for you...

James, basically what I'm saying is this:  Not all publicity is good publicity.  Everyone knows you have a rocking body thanks to the wonderful porn artistry of the Dieux du Stade calendars. 

However, with the England summer tour to Australia just a few weeks away, surely it's time to focus on this instead of a bum beauty pageant?

Just saying...


  1. Stick to blogging about rugby and quit slating John Barrowman. The rugby stuff is good. The JB slating not so. If you'd ever met him you'd know how lovely he is. ps Russell Watson is lovely too

  2. Mum, is that you?

    Oh wait, it can't be, as you're not a fan of la Barrowman either.

    Horses for courses anonymous, but thanks for saying the stuff I write about rugby is good. And I will try and control myself if I feel the urge to have an opinion about a Z-list celeb in the future. ;-)