Wednesday, 2 June 2010


First we had 'Bloodgate', then we had 'Biscuitgate'.

Now, in the newest rugby farce, we have 'Butchgate'.

Butch James, Bath centre, is being wrapped up in a ridiculous amount of red tape to stop him from playing for South Africa against Wales this Saturday.

James, who hopes to reignite his international career ahead of next year's World Cup, was named in the Springboks team to face Wales at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium.

But Premier Rugby, the umbrella organisation for English Premiership clubs, ordered Bath to recall their player as the match does not fall within the International Rugby Board playing window.

And to make matters worse, there is no fuss about Saracens' Schalk Brits playing for the Baa-Baas against Ireland this Friday.

What a double standard.

Sure, rules are rules, but what are Premier Rugby playing at?

Fans are fighting against the ruling and a Twitter campaign has been launched to back Butch's bid to play. 
If you search for #letbutchplay you will find hundreds of tweets calling for Premier Rugby to back down.

The fans have a point.  Bath's season ended over two weeks ago and the only other thing on James' agenda at the moment is probably enjoying a cocktail or two on a sun-drenched beach.

Will this move force James to leave Bath in order to keep his World Cup dreams alive?

That is the fear of supporters.

Let's hope this farce doesn't come to that.  Please let Butch play!


  1. Premier Rugby are crazy!

    If this situation does result in Butch leaving Bath then Premier Rugby have done a great job at shafting Bath Rugby and English rugby!

    All at an attempt to show the world what big balls they have!?

  2. I have to think that Butch will leave Bath after having been treated in this fashion. Bath IS done playing right?? It's tough to prevent a guy from wearing his country's colors.