Thursday, 7 October 2010

Strictly Wooden

I didn't watch last Saturday's Strictly Come Dancing because I was out and about in Manchester.  Foolishly I forgot to record the BEEB's glittering dance show so I could cringe at Welsh rugby "star", Gavin Henson, as he creaked around the dancefloor with all the charisma of a plank of wood.

However, I'm reliably informed (by my Mum) that he was actually pretty good.  This annoys me.  In my mind, Gav glides across the dancefloor with all the skill and agility of an IKEA wardrobe.

I do intend to watch the show this weekend, so before Gav shatters my illusions with an impeccable cha cha cha, here is what I imagine what he actually looks like on the show:

Best photoshopping ever.


  1. The PS job needs an award, for real. ;)

    And I do agree with your Mum, he was quite good. Yes, I caved, I downloaded it. Who am I? First I announce I support the Saffies, and now this? Believe it or not, he was actually this close to tearing up when he came over to stand in front of the judges. And to quote Bruno:

    "I tell you, I thought you were going to be awful, but in fact - [Laughter all around ] - no, really, I thought he was gonna dance with himself, he's looking at the mirror all the way through, he couldn't give a bother about Katya... Noooo, you did it, you really went for it the correct way, and I cannot wait to see you in Latin."

  2. There ya go -

    My fav bit was when he looked like he was away to drop kick her head at the start.

  3. Thanks for the link Roz. Damn it. He was quite good.

    And I love Bruno's comments! Haha brilliant! I still want Henson to be rubbish though... :-)

  4. Part of me wants any rugby player to succeed but part of me... oh hang that doesn't apply does it - he's noy currently a player... stuff it up orange boy!!!