Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Blame the Ref

So the Sale vs Wasps postponement debacle has reached a thrilling conclusion.  Yes that's right, it was all the ref's fault.

A written verdict from Monday's Premier Rugby disciplinary panel has revealed that referee David Rose applied an International Rugby Board law instead of a Premier Rugby regulation.  Oops.

According to the powers that be, Rosey "did not state to Wasps that he was the only person entitled to decide whether or not the pitch was fit to play and did not state sufficiently clearly to Wasps his decision that the fixture should be played given that, in his view, the pitch was fit for play."

The almighty Gods of Premier Rugby continue:
"Had the referee's decision about the fitness of the pitch and/or its communication to Wasps been clearer, Wasps would have been in breach of the regulations as alleged, if they had then refused to play the fixture."

OK so that's clear then.  As clear as the mud on the Edgeley Park pitch.

Still not smelling of roses

This isn't the first time this season that referee David Rose has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons.  If you're not aware, it was the lovely David who incorrectly disallowed Hendre Fourie's try in the Saracens vs Leeds game - a try which had it stood, would have won the game for Leeds.  We Leeds fans have long memories you see Mr. Rose, not that I'm suggesting your current situation has anything to do with the hex I put on you, or the incantations I repeat every night before I go to bed.  No, nothing of the sort.

If truth be told I have to say that for once I'm on the referee's side.  Is it just me or does the judgement from Premier Rugby sound like the biggest cop out ever?  Fine, so there was a loophole where the ref didn't assert himself as much as he probably should have done and his decision wasn't seen to be final.  Did the presence of Wasps' lawyer at Edgeley Park have anything to do with this I wonder?  Either way, now that we have been told that the referee's decision as to whether it is safe for a game to be played IS final then surely this kind of fiasco can never happen again.

And for God's sake, give all the referees some training so if this situation does crop up in the future at least they can speak with authority about the differences between an innocuous patch of mud and a potentially dangerous pitch.

See Rosey, even though you suck at your job I'm still defending you.  Surely that's got to be five Guinness Premiership karma points for Leeds?

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