Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Man of the Month: December

It's another post for the girls I'm afraid as it's time to announce the lucky player who is the recipient of my (not very) prestigious Man of the Month award.

With the IRB failing to fall for his Irish charms and twinkle-toed side-step and after they ignored his excellent year on rugby pitches all over the world, I feel that it is only right for me to help redress some of the balance.

Yes, there can only be one player on my shortlist for this month's accolade, and that player is the one and only Brian O'Driscoll: rugby maestro and crinkly-eyed favourite of the ladies.

Anyone fancy a roll in the grass with Brian?  Oh, go on then...

All together now ladies: swoon...

Here are some more pictures of the lovely Brian:

Enjoying a fun run with ROG

Getting a taste for the 6 Nations trophy before he helped Ireland win it this year

Musing on the wisdom of adding tomatoes to a salad...

With his fiancée, the lovely Amy Huberman

Fortunately his bad hair days are a thing of the past

A well deserved winner I think.

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