Monday, 30 November 2009

Are England Worth it?

Tickets to watch England at Twickenham: £71 x 2

Petrol: £60*

Car Parking: £20

Food and Drink: £50

A winning England performance: Priceless?

No, this isn't a Mastercard advert.

With my average mathematics skills, I calculate that all that tots up to £272 for two people to watch England play at Twickenham. I know this to be true, as I made this very trip with my Dad to see them take on New Zealand a couple of weeks ago.

My question is: with the standard of the England team and the rugby they are playing at the moment, is it actually worth all that money to go and watch them play?

Sure, the atmosphere and the occasion is something special, but the rugby really isn't. I'd get as much entertainment (if not more) by going to watch my local team play, although sadly the results at Headingley Carnegie generally go the same way as they do for England at the moment: not well.

I've entered the ballot for tickets to watch England take on Ireland in the 6 Nations, which to be honest is the only game I'm interested in watching live.  At least Ireland will bring some quality and excitement to proceedings even if England won't.

So are England really worth it? I'm not too sure...

* Return journey to Leeds


  1. Methinks to get your money's worth you really should have stayed to watch the Ladies' match

  2. Yes I know! :-(

    I won't make the same mistake if there is a next time Anne!

  3. You are a great daughter bringing your dad to see the game. As far as England has fallen since 2003, it can be worse: you can be an American rugby fan. Just thought I would share that. Have a great week!

    PS Since you seem to enjoy the male form, have you asked Santa for your 2010 Les Dieux du Stade Calendar yet? I still cannot believe I got one of those for my daughter when we were in France for RWC 2007 in /france.

  4. I love a bit of father/daughter bonding at the rugby - it's great!

    Ahh, so you follow US rugby. Mike MacDonald plays for my team and I have to admit I have a bit of a soft spot for him despite his apparent love of pies!

    Nursedude you sound like a great Dad for buying the Dieux dv Stade calendar for your daughter. I can only assume you didn't realise exactly what it was when you bought it! I think my boyfriend would fall out with me good and proper if I dared to ask for one of those this Christmas, so I just have to hope that one of my friends gets me one as a 'surprise'! :-)