Tuesday, 16 March 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Haskell is Wet

Last week I waxed lyrical about the lovely Ben Foden and marvelled as he humiliated the Hask in the World’s ‘Largest’ Poker game, arranged by Pokerstars.

This week I can exclusively reveal that Jimmy Haskell is wet.

You can look as mean and moody as you want Jimmy – you still lost.

Here is the full clip if you've not seen it yet. It's well worth a watch, especially to see Foden rip into good old Jimmy Haskell.

The ad was filmed at the England team base at the Pennyhill Park Hotel, Bagshot Surrey on a break from training.

It's almost like a case of poker imitating England's play on the pitch: Foden has all the goods whilst Haskell is just bluffing his way through.

And we all know England coach Martin Johnson's approach to taking a gamble, don't we?  He's about as adventurous as Jonny Wilkinson venturing past the half way line - i.e. not very.

Come on Johnno, you HAVE to start Ben Foden at the weekend. After all, he is holding all the cards...

In an exclusive out-take, Mr Haskell reveals something we've known for ages: he's a bit wet. 

Someone, please!  Get him a "lackey" with a brolly!  What is the world coming to, eh Jimmy?  Geez....

PokerStars is the Official Gaming and Casino Partner of the England Rugby team.

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