Saturday, 6 March 2010

Six Nations Lookalikes: Part Deux

Once again there is an irritating break in the Six Nations action this weekend. 

This can only mean one thing:  Yes, it's time for me to wheel out another batch of dodgy lookalikes.

First up is everyone's favourite hapless Welsh flanker and golf-buggy aficionado, Andy Powell.

When Andy's not drunkenly cruising around motorway service stations in a glorified milk cart on a 4am quest for pig-based snacks, he can be spotted in episodes of Bo Selecta.  I can exclusively reveal that Andy Powell is in fact 1993 Businessman of the Year, Keith Lemon:

He only wears floral shorts on holiday

If that isn't enough, I can also reveal that England hooker Steve Thompson also had completely different career before he picked up the oval ball.

Yes, Thompson was a massive film star in the 1980's.  If you don't believe me then check this out:

Steve was really popular as they saved a fortune on makeup

That's right, talented Thompson starred in hit movie "The Goonies".

Next up is Welsh Wizard Shane Williams, who (might have been) separated at birth from Dr. Evil's side kick, Vern "Mini Me" Troyer.

Look, they've got the same moves and EVERYTHING:

"I'm going to score one miiiiillion tries..."

Finally, if you've been to the cinema recently you might have seen Italy and Leicester prop Martin Castrogiavanni doing a spot of moonlighting.

It's not just Steve "Hey you Guys" Thompson who has dazzled us with his talents on the silver screen.  Oh no.

If you went to watch the film "The Wolfman" then you will have seen hairy prop Castrogiavanni being generally furry and hunting down Emily Blunt:


OK so he doesn't look as scary at scrum time, but if do some research you'll find that Castro never plays when it's a full moon.  Fact.

So there you go. 

Roll on the Six Nations next weekend.

Until then, if you've got any more lookalikes then please let me know...

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  1. I always thought Castro looked like a younger, thinner Pavarotti....