Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Reasons to Love Ben Foden

I like Ben Foden as a rugby player.

I like how he runs with the ball.  I like his attacking flair.  I also like how he doesn't hoof away possession à la Ugo Monye and Mark Cueto.

However watching the following clip made me really start to love Ben Foden.

Anyone who can annoy James "The Hask" Haskell is just fine by me.

Ben, it is a travesty that you won't start for England this weekend.

Still, at least you can rest safe in the knowledge that the entire rugby world will be cheering at the sight of you beating the pumped up, white boot wearing Hask.

From now on I am going to call him Jimmy, as I now know how much it annoys him.  That dear Ben, is all thanks to you.

Ben, I salute you.

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