Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Speccy Four Tries?

Roll up, roll up!

If you are a rugby lover who enjoys nothing more than popping down to your local cinema, whacking on a pair of comedy glasses and watching things leap out of the screen at you, then you are in luck.

Shock and awe: it's a try for England

It's time to dust off those 3D specs sports fans.  England's opening Six Nations match against Wales at Twickenham on 6 February is going to be shown in cinemas across England in glorious 3D, in what the BBC claims will be Europe's first ever live 3D sports broadcast. 

If you can't make it to one of the participating 40 Odeon and Cineworld cinemas for this match, then you can always rock up with your red and blue spectacles on 27 February when the England vs Ireland will also be shown in mind-bending 3D.

Let's just hope England won't be tragically flat despite all the technological wizardry to give them that extra dimension...

I can picture it now...

Marvel as the ball comes flying towards your face in yet another bout of snore-tastic aerial ping pong.

Laugh as Matt Banahan dawdles down the wing with all the speed and agility of an IKEA wardrobe.

Stifle a yawn as the England forwards lie on top of each other for ten minutes in an up close and personal 3 dimensional ruck.

Entertain yourself by flicking popcorn at Brian O'Driscoll's arse in the vain hope that it might stop him from scoring his hat trick.

I'm off to buy my tickets now...


  1. Do all of these cinemas sell pints we can drink whilst watching ? cos otherwise I think the pub might be a better place to watch.

    B.O'D playing for Wales ??? lol


  2. Not sure about the beer, and I agree with you as I'd rather watch the games in the pub or at home, but I suppose the 3D thing is a bit of a novelty.

    As for BOD playing for Wales... the England vs Ireland game is also being shown in 3D which is where the popcorn flicking comes in!

  3. Oooh yes ! Now I re-read I see it was my bad !!