Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Captain Fantastic

Lo and behold, Martin Johnson has finally annouced who will captain England for (at least the first game) of the Six Nations.


(drum roll).

Still Steve Borthwick.


Borthers looking quite dynamic for a change

So let me get this straight.  Based on form alone, Borthers would probably only make it onto the England bench behind the masterful Simon Shaw and his apprentice Courtney Lawes.  Hmm.  Call me old fashioned, but surely the captain should be a man who would make the starting fifteen?  Shouldn't the captain's name be the first on the team sheet, as it was in the days of Johnson himself?

Apparently not.

Oh well.  Consistency is a good thing I suppose.  Well, if you want England to be consistently shit that is.  I know that a captain's performance doesn't make or break the entire team, but it's a pretty good place to start.  Maybe being conservative really is the new black...

All this does make me wonder if we will be be treated to more of the same ineffective rugby from England in the Six Nations.  Hopefully not.  I mean, a flying pig might land on MJ's head during the England v Wales game, and in his concussed state he might choose a better captain for the rest of the tournament.  Like Moody or Hartley for example.  I doubt it will happen though...

Oink oink.


  1. Might not be Mr Personality or Mr Good Looks but I'd have a lock like him in my 2nd row every time. Best lineout organiser in world, wins his own ball and disrupts the opposition. Can scrummage which England will need if Payne is at 1 and doesn't make mistakes in the loose.Courtney is a prospect but nowhere near the consistent level needed for internationals as a 1st choice.

  2. I do agree with you about Borthers' line-out skills. Take a look at my England Six Nations top trump thing and you'll see I talk about that. He's a steady, if not overly dynamic captain but will probably be replaced in time for the World Cup.