Saturday, 16 January 2010

Taking the Piss

Who is taking the piss?  That would be the Rugby Football Union, who slapped a charge on Leicester De Montford University's rugby union club for alleged "initiation ceremonies".  These ceremonies allegedly included making wannabe players jump into a paddling pool filled with urine.  Nice.  Therefore I guess with their actions you could argue that the RFU really were taking the piss (away from them...).

Anyone fancy a dip?

Other alleged initation tests included eating dog food, standing naked on a playing field in view of the general public and sliding along a plastic sheet that was covered in foul smelling substances. 


So if all this is true, do the De Montfort rugby boys have anything to answer for, or was it just a case of rugby high jinx between a load of backslapping students which really meant no harm?  I wonder why they've been singled out for a slap on the wrists as initiation ceremonies aren't a new thing?

Either way, the paddling pool thing is just gross.

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