Friday, 27 November 2009

Prediction Time

It's typical isn't it?  This week I've had four lovely days away from work where I've been able to sleep in, do some half-hearted Christmas shopping and go and visit my parents and their crazy dog Jake.  And yet these lovely lazy days have whizzed past in a flash and before I know it the weekend is here again.  I know this is welcome for most people but for me it's a sign I'll be back in work again in two short days.  Oh well, at least there's plenty of rugby to occupy myself with before I resume my position at my desk and stare blankly at my computer screen again.

Anyway, here are my predictions for the weekend's games.  I didn't do very well (at all) with my crystal ball gazing last week, but here goes anyway. 

Winners in bold:

Worcester vs Saracens
Newcastle vs Northampton
Sale vs Wasps (Postponed - but I think Sale would have won this one)
Bath v London Irish
Harlequins v Gloucester
Leicester v Leeds Carnegie

Sorry Leeds.  My heart says you will win, but the cold-hearted gambler in me would put my money on Leicester.  Not that I'm a cold-hearted gambler.  Or any sort of gambler come to think of it.  You know what I mean though -  I think playing the Tigers away is one step too far at the moment, although as always I am happy to be proved wrong where my Leeds Carnegie predicitons are concerned!

And now to the internationals and there's some corking games here.  France take on the All Blacks and the Irish are hoping to riverdance all the way over the Boks' try line.  I'm going to be curling up on my sofa to watch O'Driscoll and co, and I really really want Ireland to give the Saffas a trouncing and restore some real pride in northern hemisphere rugby.
Again, winners in bold:

France vs New Zealand
Ireland vs South Africa
Italy vs Samoa
Scotland vs Argentina
Wales vs Australia

1 comment:

  1. That's not so bad!

    8 correct predictions out of 10 (if you exclude the game that was postponed). The Worcester vs Saracens game was a draw so that doesn't really count either which means I only got one prediction wrong.

    Much better :-)