Monday, 2 November 2009

Shortest Shorts: Offender # 2

So it's another weekend over in the worlds of the Guinness Premiership and Magners League, and this week all eyes will be firmly focussed on Martin Johnson's injury ravaged England to see if they will stand up and fight against the Wallabies.

However, first things first and there is the small matter of week two of the Shortest Shorts investigation.  Scott Hamilton set the bar (or should that be miniscule patch of nylon) very high last week, so there is stiff (hmm, maybe not the best turn of phrase) competition for this week's entrant. 

I only watched two games this weekend:  Leicester vs Northampton and Wasps vs Leeds (hurray!). 
This week's offender is Leeds Carnegie's full back Leigh Hinton, who had to resort to wearing some rather alluring black control pants under his teeny-weeny white shorts, no doubt to preserve his modesty and save the blushes of all the ladies who were watching the game:

Hmm, not quite as obscenely short as Scott's, so Leigh scores an average 6. 
(Tip:  Leigh you would have scored an 8 if it hadn't been for your black M&S buttock-lifting control pants).

PS:  Prediction wise, I only predicted 45% correctly, although in my defence there were two draws.  Oh, and not forgetting Leeds' amazing win at Wasps which I hoped for but never believed until the final whistle blew at Adams park yesterday.  In fact, sod the predictions this week - I'd have happily got them all wrong! :-)

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