Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Man Of The Month: November

After some thought I decided that as my blog is called ‘Studs On The 22’ I really should make the effort and have a regular ‘Stud of the Month’ feature, or 'Man of the Month' feature so I don't upset you fellas.

OK, so call me superficial if you like, but whoever I bestow with this great honour not only has to look good in shorts (in my opinion) but has to be pretty good on the rugby pitch too

Therefore, in honour of the much anticipated Autumn Internationals and as the focus of one of my minor obsessions (more about that soon), November’s Man of the Month is the deliciously handsome Dan Carter.


I’ve already talked about Dan's skills on the pitch in a previous blog entry The Perfect 10, although his abilities with a rugby ball are blatantly obvious and I won’t go into them again here.

Instead I’ll post a selection of pictures of Dan looking rather lovely:

At Perpignan (before he bust his Achilles)

Playing for Canterbury.  Check out his ARMS!

Working a scarf and looking hot off duty.
(Not sure about the miserable old trout sat in front of him though...)

Having a lovely chat.  Pity his mate's spoiling the picture a bit.

And finally....

La piece de resistance....

Modelling some underpants
(Although is it just me or are the stripes a little bit disconcerting?)

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  1. Disconcerting? maybe........ perhaps the only solution is to take them off :o)