Monday, 9 November 2009

Shortest Shorts: Offender # 3 (International Special)

In a veritable feast of rugby this weekend there were plenty of contenders and offenders for my (non-)prestigious Shortest Shorts award. 

However, one player's shorts were head and shoulders above the rest - and when I say that I mean it almost literally.  Whilst Dan Hipkiss barely got the ball on Saturday he did almost blind me with his ridiculously crotch-skimming attire.

Seriously Dan: please pass on the extra-small shorts next weekend and pick out a medium pair at least - for all our sakes.

Whilst I couldn't find any snaps of Dan from Saturday's England game (probably because he only touched the ball twice) here are a couple of photos I found of him unsubtly covering his man gems:

OK, pretty short but I can cope...

AGH!  I take it all back.  I've just gone blind. 
(Also, check out Wilko's incredulous look.  He's so upset he's keeled over in state of shock.)

I now cannot shake this unsettling mental image and I am off to go and poke out my mind's eye with a biro.

8.5 out for ten for this scantily-clad effort.  Please wear correctly fitting shorts in future.  I like to be able to concentrate on the game I'm watching...

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