Saturday, 7 November 2009

What is the Point of Andy Goode?

Andy Goode.  He of the long flowing Timotei locks despite his ridiculously receding hairline.  Why oh why oh why is he in the England squad?

Be honest, do you think for a second that Mr Goode is going to displace prodigal son Wilkinson or the investment in youth that is Shane Geraghty?  No, and the reason for this is because Andy Goode is rubbish.

Not so Goode

OK, so he can kick goals.  Well done, but as an international number ten you need more than that.  What about tactical kicking?  Are you any good at that Andy?  Er, no.  Alright then, what about adding a dynamic element to the midfield?  Maybe not.  Fine, so I guess you must be in the mould of Dan Carter and score a hatful of tries?  Still a no?

Right then, so other than your minging blonde locks, what do you have to offer to a new look England, because I can't think of anything?

Oh yeah, that's right:  you're really good at keeping the bench warm.

I think it's time for you to budge up and let Ben Foden take a seat, so toddle off and go and wash your lovely hair.

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