Thursday, 19 November 2009

Whatever Stade Français can do....

....Edinburgh can do much, much worse.

Today Edinburgh Rugby revealed their migraine-inducing kit for the two derby games they are scheduled to play against Glasgow Warriors on the 27th December and the 2nd January. 

Check out this eye-popping vision of neon colours and stomach-churning swirls:

Try as you might, wearing shades whilst you're sporting this delightful little number
doesn't mean you're going incognito


I have to wonder what the inspiration was for this assault on the eyes?

Maybe the designer stumbled across his vision for this putrid monstrosity after necking various Chernobyl coloured shots down the pub and then proceeding to splatter the contents of his stomach across the pavement.

"Ahh, that's it!  Perfect!" he said on inspecting his chunder-chunks, before stumbling up the street and recreating his handiwork back in his studio.

At the launch Edinburgh's Nick De Luca said of the kit:
"I think it's great that we have put a strip out there that will get us noticed... It's a memorable jersey for what promises to be memorable games."

Memorable because the poor spectators will have the image of this God awful shirt seared into their brains for the rest of eternity?  Or is this just a ploy by Edinburgh to bring colour to a couple of games that might otherwise be quite grey affairs? 

Who knows.  I can't see it being the top of anyone's Christmas list though.

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