Monday, 9 November 2009

So What has Martin Johnson Learnt After the England vs Australia game?

  1. The presence of Andy Goode in the England squad is utterly pointless.  (Click here to see my musings about this lank haired bench-warmer who is neither use nor ornament).  Well, as far as I am concerned anyway.

  2. Ugo Monye is a rubbish full back, especially as he kept forgetting himself and started popping up on the wing.  If Johnno bins off Goode then he can replace Monye with Mr. Musketeer beard himself: Ben Foden - a much safer pair of hands at number fifteen.

  3. The new all-white kit looks lovely, and is much better than the previous effort which featured a splatter of ketchup down the front.  Whether the same can be said for the new purple kit which has its debut this weekend is yet to be seen.

  4. If only they'd gone for mayonnaise....
  5. Steve Thompson has learnt how to throw in at the line-out.  A minor miracle, and a big relief for Johnno's England who seem light in this area.

  6. Wilkinson is back on top form, but even the magic of this world class ten can't do everything.  Shane Geraghty needs to learn to mix it up a bit.

  7. Getting all new-age and trying to psyche out teams a la Andrew Strauss really doesn't work as Mystic Warren Gatland discovered to his peril.  The media had a field day, and so it turned out did the All Blacks.

  8. Australia has a side filled with toddlers and they still beat England convincingly.  They are firm believers that if you're good enough then you're old enough, and with this in mind Lawes and Foden should start against Argentina.

I was trying to think of ten things but I kind of ran out, so I'll leave it at that.

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